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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A New Way to Get the Coupons you Want

UGotItFirst is a new Free Mobile Coupon Service that enables registered members to receive targeted text messages.
The best part of this services is the coupons you can get sent to your phone without downloading anything!
When you sign-up and complete an online profile (customize your profile to get the coupons you want), and when a participating advertiser matches your preferences, a coupon is sent to your cellphone. When you refer your friends, you also earn cash for every coupon that they receive.
Do you want to earn cash while waiting in line or whenever you have free time? You can opt-in to receive surveys to be completed on your cellphone.

Another free feature that can be beneficial to members:
Get invited to the coolest parties?, With UGotItFirst's event invitation feature, you can indicate in your profile what type of events you would like to attend and when a matching event occurs, an invitation can be sent to you. Then all you have to do is to show the invitation at the event to gain access.

Start building your own network when you join! Simply place a banner or link on your website or blog and when people sign-up via your link or banner they’re included in your network, and you get commissions on their activities. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a member of this fantastic business!

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