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Thursday, September 20, 2007

September Sales

Soda Club USAGenerate your own energy with a Soda-Club Energy Machine! Why pay up to $2 for energy drinks from the store when you can make it yourself, in seconds, starting at just 25 cents per serving? You control the intensity. Extreme flavor. Extreme savings.

Get fresh meals delivered and a Free dinner every week! The 3 Hour Diet at Home.


Fruit, Cheese and Wine Gifts by GotFruit.com

Halloween Costumes and Decor at Walmart.com


The Tastiest Freebie Ever

Its Dale & Thomas's delicious decadent popcorn, and once a year they give away freebies of it!!

This is the best tasting popcorn ever! If you never had it nows your chance to try it for free!!
I know people that wait all year to get this, plus throughout the year too.
You can choose from Chocolate Chunk & Caramel, Cinnamin Creme DrizzleCorn, or Butter Toffee Walnut Crunch.
Click on the banner below to get your free popcorn.
Dale and Thomas Popcorn

For a limited time, they'll send you two bags for FREE (all they ask is that you pay $5.90 for shipping and handling).

Click here for a special coupon offer from Dale and Thomas Popcorn!

Dale and Thomas Popcorn has Gift Cards available for the Holidays!

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