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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wow a Chance to Win Your Google Ads on a Top Blog!!

SeeJay from http://cybercapital.org is having an awesome blog contest offering the winner Free Google Ad Impressions
on their blog for 1 whole week!! How cool is that!!
All three ad positions, Left,Right and Top in all pages Will be yours for 1 Week!!! Can you imagine how much you will earn from showing your AdSense ads on a high traffic site? If you can’t here’s your chance to win and find out!! But don't get your hopes up too much, because I plan on winning it! Just kidding of course but I can dream, can't I?

To win this AWESOME Contest, all you have to do is write about it in your blog. Link to their Home Page and Firefox in a Nutshell Post using the anchor text “Firefox Tips” and and link to their contest post. Here’s an example of how to enter and also my entry.

CyberCapital.Org, a blog that gives you latest Tech news and Firefox Tips, is going to Show your Google ads on their website for a Week. You can enter the contest by writing about it on your blog.
Well that's my entry and now I’m entered in the contest! See how easy it is?
Wish me luck and Join in if you want to be the winner of this Revolutionary Blog Contest.
Now go enter before its too late! Theres only a few days left.

Blogger Contest to Win $500

Check out this hot contest!

One way to enter is by adding the predefined text below exactly as you see it to your blog:
PS. You must copy the text below with all the links, and bold characters

Steve has added a paid Blog Directory in 1 Cool File but he wants people to know about it. So, he’s doing a contest where you could win $500USD or 1 of the 15 Blog Buffet (valued at $11,50USD/each). But he also want people who are really serious about their blog to add it there. The packages start from $2.50USD/year/reciprocal link up to $11.50USD for the Blog Buffet (one time fee, unlimited blogs, no reciprocal link) . By asking a small fee, your blog will be in a better position and not part of dead blogs. You can also find theme(s) and plugin(s) or add those you have created. You can also find 1 Cool File that has nothing to do with your blog.

Check his blog here for more ways to enter.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


$500 Shopping Spree Contest

Weiman’s “Maid for a Year” Contest (200 Essay Submission To Enter)

Cool Phone Sweepstakes for a chance to win a Nokia 5300 XpressMusic phone

Wirefly Anniverary Sweepstakes is giving away $10,000 each day to 1 lucky winner til Sept. 30.

Womans Day Sweepstakes- They have alot of contests that you can enter daily.

The Celebrity Cafe Contests - they also have many great contests,check them out.

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